Kayaba (KYB), Showa, WP, Ohlins, Marzocchi.  There’s lots of suspension out there, most all of it can be made to work better for you.  Let us help you- suspension is all we do.


KTM is the most prolific offroad bike on the planet and here in Colorado we’ve got a lot of offroad.  KTM’s are their own breed and with the WP suspension have specific needs to get them working at their best.  We can help you with this.

Gas Gas

Gas Gas has exploded onto the scene in the last 3 years with some amazing new motorcycles equipped with some potentially great suspension.  We’ve found some things to help the 45mm Marzocchi fork do the best it can while the 48mm fork has great potential just waiting to be exploited.  The Ohlins 888 shock is a great piece, but we’ve found it to respond very well to valving and spring changes.

KYB and Showa

KYB and Showa suspension come on many Japanese motorcycles and by sheer numbers dominate the market.  We can help your new suspension work best for you, and we can help with the niche KYB of the 06-07 KX250.  We keep service parts in stock for both KYB and Showa forks and shocks to better be able to take care of your suspension.


We’ve been an Ohlins dealer for years.  We have the special tools to properly service your suspension, including a vacuum bleeder, and keep service items in stock.