2012 GG wth Marzocchi 48 and Ohlins 888
The new twin chamber fork on the 2012 (and race 2011) bikes is a very nice platform from which to start.  We did a lot of work this season with Keith Novello, RMEC fast AA rider here in Colorado, to get the new fork revalved for fast enduro riding- a la being plush over most everything and not bottoming on G-outs.  As well, we got the shock valved to a great spec to work with the new rear linkage- so no more kick.  Springs are a good choice for anyone that weighs more than 140 pounds (64 kgs, 10 stone) and wants to go fast.

We also realize that not everybody rides like a fast AA enduro rider trying to crush everyone.  To that end, we also did development with a midpack B enduro test rider as well as women riding the 2012 with the new suspension- because your suspension has to work for you.

2011 GG with Marzocchi 45  We developed the 2011 GasGas (or Gas Gas) suspension in conjunction with Scott Bright and several local riders.  The way the Marzocchi forks come from the factory leaves a bit to be desired.  Riders are tending to find the front end harsh or “a little busy” or both, and depending on the rider, it could use some bottoming resistance.

With all that in mind, we got the fork to work nice and smooth by eliminating a ton of stiction and we got the valving much more appropriate for trail riding here in the US.

We’ve evolved the Marzocchi 45mm fork.  Utilizing a new valving spec, new springs, and new fluid the fork is working better for the faster, more aggressive trail/enduro rider.  We’ve also developed a new valving spec for the Öhlins shock to be used with a different spring to better match the fork for a balanced bike.

And always- if you’ve had your suspension revalved by us, we’ll update the spec free any time you bring it in for an oil service.

Again, we need to give a huge thanks to Scott Bright and Keith Novello, amongst others, for all their work testing our suspension in a real-world race setting.

Stay tuned…